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What Social Hearts is all about

Social Hearts, a new non-profit organization, founded by father and son to overcome the generation gap with bonds and achieve the theme of Happy Second Life for the elderly.

We aim at enhancing lifelong learning , job creation & volunteer opportunities, along with enriching human interaction and exchange as core initiatives.

We focus on the elderly living in temporary housing in Otsuchi, (Iwate Prefecture) which the hardest hit by the Tsunami on March 11,2011
We intend to apply the lessons and best practices of Otsuchi in servicing neighboring communities; and share our know-how with other Pacific-Rim countries. 

Our challenge has just began with the theme of a “Happy Second Life” for the elderly.


Message from President

Japan is widely known as the country with the fastest-aging society and related challenges. In September 2013, the demographics of seniors over 65 was 25%, exceeding thirty million of the total population. By 2035, the ratio of seniors may exceed 33%. That is why it is critical to reflect on the dignity and quality of life of our senior citizens, and act now with the purpose of enhancing their lives and enabling them to continue their contribution to society with wisdom, knowledge, skills and a long-lasting experience.

Building on 25-year senior-management experience, as President of multinational semiconductor subsidiaries in Japan, and subsequently focusing on social innovation, as Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University, I have partnered with my oldest son to build a dedicated team with an inter-generational perspective, vision and strength. Together, we launched, in February 2013, “Social Hearts” (Hearts in PLURAL) a non-profit organization, supported with an international advisory board drawn from my peers at Harvard University as well as respected friends      

With the vision of a “Happy Second Life”, our mission is to serve seniors in a compassionate, cordial and friendly environment, by providing lifelong learning activities, job creation and other qualitative-interaction opportunities that enhance knowledge, physical, social and emotional well-being and dignity.

Maintaining a loving smile of seniors is our desire, hope and wish.

Please team-up with us to make a “Happy Second Life“ a reality for Otsuchi seniors and in and beyond Japan.





Name: NPO ( Non for Profit ) Social Hearts

Establishment: February 2013

Founder: Makoto Kawakami ( President)
Masafumi Kawakami ( Vice President )

Head Quarter:
1401 3-25-18 Yoga Setagaya-ku Tokyo, Japan 158-0097



We achieve “ Happy Second Life” for the elderly with the purpose of live.


We promote Lifelong learning, human interaction and exchange and Job creation for the elderly through our initiatives



Advisory Board Members:

  • Dr. Cynthia A. Holland, a Senior Clinician and attorney
  • Anne Punzak Marcus, ex- Senior Vice President of Fidelity Investments
  • Alain P. Martin. President and CEO of The Professional Development Institute
  • Dr. Reyes S. Tamez Guerra, a former Secretary of  Education of Mexico
  • Linda Victor, Founder and Principal, Medvpcate,LLC
  • David M. Wing, Vice President and Controller of United Air Lines, Inc.
  • Hirokazu Yoshikawa. Ph.D  Professor Education and Human Development New York University
  • Nobuyuki Denda, ex- president and chairman, Intel Corp