Lifelong Learning Communication Job Creation



Major Focus Domain:

1. Lifelong learning
– Conduct “ Senior Hearts Class “ for the elderly living in temporary housing in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture after 3.11.

- Implement a series of specific seminar for the elderly living in Tokyo cosmopolitan

2.Human interaction and exchange
– Ensure “ Community space “ for interaction of the elderly and youth

3.Create volunteer and job opportunities for the elderly
– Implement experience based learning sessions offered by a group of the elderly

4.Promote Otsuchi for increasing nonresident population
through tourism and experience based learning

5.Other new initiatives to achieve vision and mission



Major Activities:

1. “ Senior Hearts Class” as a part of lifelong learning
It is offered to the elderly who are living in temporary housing after 3.11. It is held at three different senior support centers in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture on a bi-weekly base.
- Yell Support Center 
- Nukuttko House 
- Wanottuko House 

The contents of each class are well prepared by Social Hearts to accommodate need of the elderly who come to “ Senior Hearts Class with good motivation and intellectual curiosity. The age of the attendees is between 70`s and 90`s. The number of each class consists of 10-15 senior people at each senior support center.

2. Interaction among the elderly and college students
A group of students from Tokyo University and Iwate University
join Social Hearts for Senior Hearts Class to assist the elderly on a regular base. The elderly is so delighted to welcome those students just like their grandsons or granddaughters.
Over the summer vacation, a number of students from a various of universities in Japan visited Otsuchi and participated Social Hearts activities to get to know the elderly.
Last June four 2012 Harvard University Advanced Leadership Fellows with one wife and grandson also visited Otsuchi for the first time and spent valuable time with the elderly together.